Louis Audoubert

Louis Audoubert was the brand's first technical adviser in the 60s. He developed and tested the first expedition jackets. Down-filled jackets ushered in a new era for a whole generation of fearless climbers who could now confront the most grueling climatic conditions.

Louis Audoubert climbed in the Pyrenees and the Himalayas, constantly pushing back his limits and blazed a trail for many climbs in the Mont Blanc massif, the Oisans, the Himalayas, and of course the Pyrenees. These same mountaineering jackets came down into the streets a few years later and invaded fashion stores. Also a photographer, a film-maker and public speaker, he pioneered the first canyoneering descents in the Pyrenees and Spain. An adventure that has lasted for years and makes him an icon of the Pyrenex spirit of innovation and independence.


Resist elements. Sustain efforts. Magnify dreams.

Down performance

Ever since the discovery of its exceptional technical qualities, down has continued to be overwhelmingly popular with high-level sports men and women. Because it is simultaneously light, warm and compressible, it gives lightness and compressibility to the jackets and sleeping bags while preserving warmth, which is indispensable in order to recover after an intense physical effort. It is your guarantee of the best weight/heat ratio. In addition, the natural warmth of down is thermo-regulating: it adapts to the exterior temperature in order to provide optimal comfort.

How to choose a Pyrenex jacket ?

Extreme protection

For the last 40 years Pyrenex has accompanied extreme adventurers on their most exciting expeditions. Models are tested in the far North, Greenland, Lapland and the Himalayas, and resist temperatures as low as –40°F. Filled with 90% of the best goose down, with special double-partition padding to avoid all heat loss, they equip Himalayan expeditions, polar scientific camps and major sleigh expeditions. Waterproof and resistant fabrics, storm hoods, reinforced parts, rainproof baffles, mittens and lycra balaclavas… nothing is left to chance. Because every detail takes on a whole new dimension when confronted with extreme conditions. The highest standards of excellence and innovation to promote comfort and technicity.

Active protection

Versatile jackets that are waterproof, light and warm all at once. By combining 90% naturally thermo-regulating down filling with technical materials like Softshell and Pertex®, these jackets provide ideal protection for skiers, hikers, trailers, mountaineers and travelers. Ergonomic and comfortable, they are easily compressed to take up a minimum volume.


Jackets that are 100% light and extremely compressible, designed for sporting activities like mountain walking or climbing. In order to achieve the optimal weight/heat ratio, the down distribution is optimized with the latest state-of-the-art fabrics. The results: super light garments, completely compressible in very small space in a compression bag.