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Short sleeveless vest Espelette for men, natural filling

147,00 € 210,00 € -30%

Waterproof and warm 3 in 1 jacket for men with an integrated down layer

553,00 € 790,00 € -30%

Pyrenex expedition parka for men, very protective, natural down filling

455,00 € 650,00 € -30%

Pyrenex ultra-light puffer jacket for men with high collar

297,50 € 425,00 € -30%

Pyrenex mid-long warm down coat for men

308,00 € 440,00 € -30%

Warm and light men down jacket, natural filling, 100% made in Saint-Sever

700,00 €

Men hooded pullover with Pyrenex logo on chest

160,00 €

Brushed fleece men pullover

110,00 €

Short and warm down parka for men with removable hood, natural filling

469,00 € 670,00 € -30%

Warm men down jacket with removable hood and natural down filling

600,00 €

Warm alpinism down jacket for men, natural filling

440,00 €

Warm down filled men winter coat

469,00 € 670,00 € -30%

Pyrenex men down jacket with removable sleeves, natural duck down filling

336,00 € 480,00 € -30%

Warm down filled parka for men with geniune fur and natural filling

483,00 € 690,00 € -30%

Warm, light and compactable down vest for men

210,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket / parka for men with real fur and natural down filling

595,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket/parka for men with an ultra-matte fabric and geniune fur

690,00 €

Pyrenex short down jacket for men with hood

395,00 €

Pyrenex aviator / bomber down-filled jacket for men with fur at hood

590,00 €

Vintage unisex down jacket with shiny fabric and a natural down filling

395,00 €

Pyrenex down vest for men with removable hood and matte treatment

320,00 €

Warm, light and compactable down jacket for men

300,00 €

Protective and very warm Pyrenex down parka for men with geniune fur

740,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex waterproof down jacket with inner quilting

600,00 €
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A key piece in the Pyrenex range of down jackets and parkas, the 2019 - 2020 men's autumn / winter collection pays tribute to the origins of the Pyrenex brand, celebrating this year its 50th anniversary with more than 160 years of know-how in beautifying natural down and feathers.

Initiated last season with the reissues of men's and women's iconic retro down jackets like the Vintage Mythic, this “back to the roots” trend is confirmed with a broader vintage collection which features new colours – tangerine red, electric blue, deep purple, green or yellow – combined with shiny fabrics for an unmatched 70s revival. This collection of oversized down jackets is complemented by new models such as the Loic down jacket or the quilted vest with removable sleeves like the Clifford men model.

Our latest men's collection is designed to meet the needs of protection against the cold and harsh weather from the entry of the season (autumn) to the most extreme moments of winter. Lightweight down jackets and sleeveless down vests for mid-season conditions; protective parkas, quilted coats and warm down jackets for heavy winter weather; trousers, pullovers, t-shirts, beanies and scarves to complete your wardrobe: this autumn / winter men collection covers any of your activities, in city or in the mountains.

Colour wise, everyone’s taste is answered: on the one hand, sober and classic inspirations for a discreet look with black, khaki, navy blue or beige tones; on the other hand, more eccentricity for a fashion and trendy look with vibrant colours (bright blue, red, yellow, green or mauve) combined with shiny fabrics. The materials used are always selected for their durability and breathability in all weather conditions - cold, rain or wind.

In a nutshell, our new men collection blends modernity, chic and a touch of nostalgia to meet the needs of men looking for performance and protection against the cold without having to make compromise on the style and look of their favourite parkas, down jackets and other vests. Pyrenex clothes and accessories are made to last. Shop online and make the most of our free shipping and returns policy in Europe with a wide choice of sizes, colours and models.