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Pyrenex men light sport down jacket

171,00 € 285,00 € -40%

Pyrenex expedition parka for men

390,00 € 650,00 € -40%

Pyrenex alpinism down jacket for men

252,00 € 420,00 € -40%

Pyrenex men down jacket with inside quilting

348,00 € 580,00 € -40%

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket/parka for men

399,00 € 570,00 € -30%

Pyrenex down vest for men

206,50 € 295,00 € -30%

Pyrenex short down jacket for men

222,00 € 370,00 € -40%

Pyrenex aviator down-filled jacket for men

378,00 € 540,00 € -30%

Vintage unisex Pyrenex Mythic down jacket

273,00 € 390,00 € -30%

Mid-length Vintage Pyrenex Authentic down jacket/parka for men

354,00 € 590,00 € -40%

Protective and waterproof Pyrenex parka for men

511,00 € 730,00 € -30%

Mid-length Pyrenex waterproof down jacket with inner quilting

420,00 € 600,00 € -30%
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The Pyrenex Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection revives the origins of the 50-year-old Pyrenex brand, as well as our expertise in beautifying down and feathers which has been going on for more than 160 years ago. This season, Pyrenex winks at its iconic models by revisiting popular jackets and parkas from the 70s. The Vintage line brings up-to-date unisex jackets like Mythic and Authentic with shiny and colorful materials (bright red fabric, sparkling Adriatic blue, bright orange and the must-have deep black) for a bolder 70s revival.

The Pyrenex Fall Winter Collection for Men offers seasonal locker room products for the colder moments of winter: lightweight jackets for intermediate uses, more protective parkas, classic quilted jackets, sleeveless jackets, expedition coats and other accessories for winter (hat, scarf, sweater, pants).

The color palette draws its colorama and takes its inspirations from the mists of the French moors and the shores of the north of Scotland, with the greens and persimmons of the wild landscapes, the gray and the black of cliffs and rocks and the blues of the ocean and its waves. This theme gets a more lifestyle and fashion twist with strong fabrics such as drill, or gabardine with its matte and dry appearance.

This modern and varied collection meets the needs and desires of men looking for performance and protection against the cold without having to compromise on the durability and. Pyrenex: clothes and accessories made to last. Make the most of our online store: a wide choice of sizes and colors with free shipping and returns anywhere in the European Union.