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Long quilted down parka for women with geniune fur

750,00 €

Warm down-filled parka for women with real fur

730,00 €

Long and warm down jacket for women

440,00 €

100% wagner wool pullover for women in collaboration with French label Saint James

179,00 €

100% wagner wool scarf for women in collaboration with French label Saint James

59,00 €

100% wagner wool beanie for women with fur ponpon in collaboration with French label Saint James

45,00 €

Ultra-light and water repellent Pyrenex windbreaker for boy

120,00 €

Lightweight packable down jacket for boy

175,00 €

Windeabreak for girl with collapsible hood

170,00 €

Unisex and short sleeve Pyrenex T-shirt for kid

39,00 €

Unisex Pyrenex cap for kid

39,00 €

Unisex Pyrenex pullover for kid

68,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker with a camouflage print

240,00 €

Pyrenex swim short for men in collaboration with Atalaye Bains de Biarritz

89,00 €

Round neck Pyrenex pullover for men

95,00 €

Pyrenex cap with tricolor logo

45,00 €

Pyrenex short sleeve t-shirt for men, straight cut and stretch fabric

49,00 €

Light and stretch straight cut Pyrenex t-shirt for men in collaboration with Atalaye Bains de Biarritz

55,00 €

Men Pyrenex short sleeve polo shirt, straight fit, neat finishing

85,00 €

Pyrenex men short in cotton

76,00 €

Short sleeve Pyrenex t-shirt for men with the 160 year anniversary logo

59,00 €

Pyrenex women windbreaker in waxed taffeta

240,00 €

Lightweight Pyrenex down jacket for women

280,00 €

Sportswear windbreaker for women

260,00 €
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On, shop the best selection of products filled with 100% French natural down. Essential, warm and innovative, our down jackets, parkas, windbreakers and other padded jackets are timeless garments that will protect you from the cold and harsh weather conditions. Performant and lightweight, our jackets are fitted to all your outdoor activities, both in the city and in the mountains.

Our inimitable down is the result of more than 160 years of know-how in the art of beautifying down and feathers. Our ready-to-wear line for men, women and children is complemented by a sleeping bag line, perfect for all your mountain trekkings, no matter the season.

Make the most of it, shipping and returns are free in France and in the rest of the European Union, United-Kingdom included.