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100% wagner wool winter gloves in collaboration with French brand Saint James

39,00 € 65,00 € -40%

Warm and light women down jacket, natural filling, 100% made in Saint-Sever

700,00 €

Women down jacket, natural padding and removable hood

276,50 € 395,00 € -30%

Women down vest, natural filling and removable hood

227,50 € 325,00 € -30%

Ultralight and warm short down jacket for women, made in Saint-Sever, natural filling

413,00 € 590,00 € -30%

Mid-long down jacket for women, removable hood, natural filling

360,00 € 600,00 € -40%

Ultralight and warm short down jacket for women, made in Saint-Sever, natural filling

280,00 €

Women down gilet, natural filling and removable hood

220,50 € 315,00 € -30%

Women vintage down jacket, natural filling

234,00 € 390,00 € -40%

Women aviator down jacket, Ottoman fabric, geniune fur at hood and natural filling

448,00 € 640,00 € -30%

Women down jacket / parka with an Ottoman fabric, geniune fur and natural filling

455,00 € 650,00 € -30%

Warm down filled parka for women with geniune fur and natural filling

390,00 € 650,00 € -40%

Warm, light and compactable down jacket for women, natural padding

168,00 € 280,00 € -40%

Warm alpinism down jacket for women, natural filling

252,00 € 420,00 € -40%

Pyrenex Aviator down-filled bomber jacket for women with geniune fur

399,00 € 570,00 € -30%

Vintage unisex down jacket with shiny fabric and a natural down filling

276,50 € 395,00 € -30%

Unisex vintage down jacket with natural filling

255,00 € 425,00 € -40%

Vintage Mythic down jacket in collaboration with Saint James

280,00 € 400,00 € -30%

Mid-length Pyrenex Authentic down jacket / parka for women with geniune fur

399,00 € 570,00 € -30%

Women short down jacket with shiny fabric and removable hood

266,00 € 380,00 € -30%

Pyrenex short down jacket for women with natural down and removable hood in collaboration with French label Saint James

280,00 € 400,00 € -30%

Long quilted down parka for women with geniune fur

450,00 € 750,00 € -40%

Warm down-filled parka for women with real fur

438,00 € 730,00 € -40%

Long and warm down jacket for women

264,00 € 440,00 € -40%
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Down jackets, bombers, padded vests, warm parkas, windbreakers, pullovers or other women accessories: welcome to the Pyrenex online clothing store. On our e-shop, you will find a wide selection of Pyrenex autumn / winter and spring / summer women collection items, ideal for adding a touch of style and fashion to your outfits while providing warmth, comfort and lightness.

Dresses, jeans, pants and jumpers: each of your wardrobe's favourite pieces can be combined with a Pyrenex puffer jacket, bomber or quilted parka. A classic but modern and chic style can easily match one of our women's parkas while a more outdoor and mountain look will find echo with our line of short padded jackets, with or without sleeves. There is no season to enjoy a high-quality jacket. During winter, summer or at mid-season, vary the pleasures according to your desires. Keep it sober by choosing more neutral and discreet colours such as black, navy blue, kaki, or grey. Contrariwise, dare the colour and mix of tones with our latest additions of red, yellow, pink, white, green or purple that will turn your jacket into a much trendier piece.

At Pyrenex, our know-how and pride focus on natural protection against cold and humidity. 160 years of know-how in beautifying French down and feathers allows our women apparel products to ensure warmth and softness. It is one of our main criteria when creating a product, a mark of brand quality. Indeed, whatever the climate and temperature conditions, Pyrenex women's down jackets and parkas are 100% filled with French duck down that provide exceptional cold insulation.

Transportable and often compactable, our collection of Pyrenex jackets will allow you to face any activity and travel while keeping your body dry. Hiking, winter sports, skiing, snowboarding or simply your daily climatic challenges: nothing will be impossible with a Pyrenex down jacket or parka. Our online store gathers a wide stock of apparel products in different sizes and colors with free shipping and returns in the European Union regardless of the season.