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Colorful and waterproof Pyrenex short down jacket for boy

250,00 €

Short down jacket for girl Pyrenex Noorvik Ottoman with oversize hood

220,00 €

Pyrenex winter beanie for boy

40,00 €

Pyrenex winter beanie for girl with fur pompom

65,00 €

Pyrenex short silver metallic down jacket for girl with oversize hood

220,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket/parka in gabardine for boy

325,00 €

2-in-1 Pyrenex coat in twill, straight cut with oversized hood

325,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket/parka for girl in Ottoman

325,00 €

Pilote Starbag Baby Bunting Peach

170,00 €

Pilote Starsleep Baby Sleep Bag Peach

178,00 €

Plaid Star Plaid Baby Peach

125,00 €
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When it comes to comfort and protection of our youngest ones, boy or girl, one must never skimp on the quality of materials and thermal insulation. During long winter days or mid-season, the coat quickly becomes an indispensable dress for our children. That's why on our Pyrenex online store, you will find a wide selection of coats, down jackets and bombers which provide protection, warmth, softness and comfort without neglecting the fashion aspect.

160 years of experience in feather and down at Pyrenex allow us to offer products of unparalleled quality in terms of insulation against the cold. Each jacket filled with 100% French duck down and feathers has an extraordinary protective power and ensures our children to stay warm and dry in all circumstances. Every child is unique and has his/her own sensitivity to cold. That's why we have developed several types of down jackets with different filling powers to suit every need. Whether it's raining, windy or if the temperatures are very low, nothing will stop our little ones from having fun.
In addition, the use of stretch, water-repellent, waterproof and windproof materials gives our down jackets undeniable strength and solidity. Ideal for our little daredevils. Beyond this efficiency and significant performance, you will be surprised by the lightness of our products that allows unparalleled freedom of movement.

This Autumn-Winter, evenif the trend turns to natural colors such as khaki, powder pink or even more spicy tones like coppery orange or burgundy, you can always opt for safe and classic values ​​like a black coat or navy one. On the opposite you can dare the eccentricity of an electric blue if the personality of your child allows it!

Whether he/she is sporty, adventurous or home loving kind of kid, there is a Pyrenex jacket for each and every one of them. Girl or boy, tall or small, you will find for sure in our collection the jacket or the coat adapted to each size, style or season. We guarantee top of the range cold protection for your children from 8 to 16 years old. Our online store offers free shipping and returns anywhere in the European Union.