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Pyrenex short and warm down jacket for men

390,00 €

Pyrenex mid-long warm down coat for men

440,00 €

Warm down filled men Bomber with a real fur retro collar

550,00 €

Ultralight and warm short down jacket for men made in Saint-Sever

280,00 €

Men short down jacket with removable hood

600,00 €

Pyrenex men down vest

395,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex men parka, natural down

650,00 €

Pyrenex ultra-light puffer jacket for men with high collar

425,00 €

Pyrenex mid-length down jacket for men with synthetic fur

490,00 €

Pyrenex men light sport down jacket

285,00 €

Pyrenex alpinism down jacket for men

420,00 €

Pyrenex men down jacket with inside quilting

580,00 €
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The down jacket has been used for many years uniquely for sporting activities in winter but and has now become a real fashion asset in addition to bringing warmth. The recent years mark the great return of the puffer jacket!

Quilted or with internal quilting, this men jacket is available in many forms according to trends, colors and seasons. Discover our range of down jackets for men available online. With or without sleeves, with a hood or structured collar, this fashion piece filled with down and feathers can be worn both open and closed. Vary the colors according to your tastes and seasons. This year, the trend is around plain colors, sober and timeless. Black, "Admiral" blue, heather gray or khaki will complement your outfits and style in all circumstances. In addition and for more eccentricity, our quilted jackets also exist in brighter colors such as orange, red and green bringing puncky and colorful looks.

In addition to this lifestyle aspect, a Pyrenex men down jacket is an ideal layer for your sporting activities or high-mountain adventures. Its 100% French duck down filling guarantees quality, durability and outstanding cold protection while the different types of hoods protect your head no matter the conditions. The varation of the weight of our filling and its different "fillwing power" according to the models will bring you different heats according to your expectations.
You will also be surprised by the lightness of our products that give you a unique feeling of comfort, while keeping you warm thanks to the use of quilted material and windbreaking fabrics.

So this year, in autumn or winter, do not hesitate to wear our jackets brand in town and mountain to enhance your looks at the pace of your desires. Explore our wide selection of models in stock online and you will find the trendy quilted piece for you: a sleeveless jacket for the pre-season and the first fall frothing, down jackets with large quilting for cold weather. Free delivery and returns in Europe.