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Water-repellent Pyrenex hooded windbreaker for men

190,00 €

Light men windbreaker with foldable hood in collar

220,00 €

Highly water-repellent, breathable and insulated Pyrenex men hybrid jacket

325,00 €

Waterproof and warm 3 in 1 jacket for men with an integrated down layer

790,00 €

Pyrenex expedition parka for men, very protective, natural down filling

650,00 €

Short and warm down parka for men with removable hood, natural filling

670,00 €

Warm down filled men winter coat

670,00 €

Warm down filled parka for men with geniune fur and natural filling

690,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket / parka for men with real fur and natural down filling

595,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket/parka for men with an ultra-matte fabric and geniune fur

690,00 €

Pyrenex aviator / bomber down-filled jacket for men with fur at hood

590,00 €

Protective and very warm Pyrenex down parka for men with geniune fur

740,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker

175,00 €
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Seeking to combine the warmth, comfort and lightness of Pyrenex iconic men's down jackets while keeping a more urban or chic style? We offer a wide choice of parka, coats or other Pyrenex warm garments to suit all your desires and needs and which will become essential winter pieces to protect you from the cold.

For our new autumn/winter collection, we have focused on a variety of colours. On one side dark tones, quite classic but still as elegant as black, navy blue, beige or khaki. On the other hand, a palette of bright colours that will allow you to adopt a more flashy - outdoor or urban - look, and even streetwear thanks to colour additions such as green, "tangerine" red or a very pure and unmissable white. Moreover, we use top-of-the-range materials and fabrics, such as "ultra matt" fabric, which are water-repellent or waterproof, stretchy and/or windproof. These materials will protect you no matter the temperatures and your location. This is crucial aspect of our product line.

At Pyrenex, combining performance, quality and style is a priority. This winter, our iconic Annecy men's parka is updated with outstanding colours, and is completed by another warm and enveloping quilted coat: the Winston parka. Mountain, seaside or city, Pyrenex men's coats will quickly become a quality ally in your daily adventures this season.

Beyond enhancing your look, the Pyrenex collection of coats and men's jackets is designed to protect you from extreme cold, rain or wind. You will appreciate the quality and know-how of Pyrenex thermal insulation. Our emblematic down; 100% Made in France in our factory of Saint-Sever; brings you warmth, softness and comfort. While in Autumn or Spring, you can let yourself be tempted by lighter men's jackets, ideal for mid-season.

In short, whether you have a bobo-chic, sportswear, fashion / trend, workwear, casual or streetwear style, our Pyrenex website offers a wide selection of parkas for men with long or short cuts, for small or large sizes, with or without hood to enhance your figure and accompany you in your daily, urban or mountain style. Shop online and make the most of our free delivery and returns anywhere within the European Union.