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Warm down filled men winter coat

670,00 €

Warm down filled parka for men with geniune fur and natural filling

690,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket / parka for men with real fur and natural down filling

595,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex down jacket/parka for men with an ultra-matte fabric and geniune fur

690,00 €

Pyrenex aviator / bomber down-filled jacket for men with fur at hood

590,00 €

Protective and very warm Pyrenex down parka for men with geniune fur

740,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker with a camouflage print

240,00 €

Waterproof and warm 3 in 1 jacket for men Made in France in collaboration with Aouro

790,00 €

Mid-length Pyrenex men parka, natural down

650,00 €

Pyrenex mid-length down jacket for men with synthetic fur

490,00 €

Pyrenex expedition parka for men

650,00 €

Pyrenex men down jacket with inside quilting

580,00 €

Mid-length Vintage Pyrenex Authentic down jacket/parka for men

590,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker

175,00 €

Pyrenex men windproof bomber jacket

325,00 €

Pyrenex men long parka

350,00 €

Pyrenex men short technical and waterproof parka

425,00 €

Pyrenex men coat

270,00 €

Pyrenex urban bomber jacket for men

240,00 €

Chic parka Mysen for men

620,00 €
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Men coats are indispensable parts of our winters to protect ourselves from the cold and they have become must-haves for men. Whether you have a bobo-chic, sportswear, trendy, workwear, casual or streetwear style, Pyrenex parkas, down jackets, bombers and other men's overcoats will adapt to any of your tastes.

On our Pyrenex website, we offer a wide selection of models (down jacket, parka, jacket, overcoat etc ...). Long or short cut, small or large size, with or without a hood in order to put your figure in value, our coats will accompany you in your daily style, in the city or in the mountain. These men wardrobe essentials exist in many different colors. Dark tones will complement your outfit with elegance, while brighter colors will allow you to sport a bolder and casual outdoor look.

Beyond magnifying your style, the Pyrenex collection of coats and other men jackets is designed to protect you from extreme cold, rain or wind conditions. In winter, you will appreciate the quality of Pyrenex know-how in thermal protection. Our signature 100% French duck down (treated in our Saint-Sever factory) brings you warmth, softness and comfort. While in Autumn or Spring, you can opt for our men's lighter and thinner down jackets, ideal for mid-season.

At Pyrenex, combining performance, quality and style is a priority. It is a big challenge. For this reason, in addition to our French duck down and feathers, we use water-repellent, waterproof (waterproof fabric), stretch and/or windproof materials that will protect you regardless of the temperature or the location. Mountain, seaside or city: Pyrenex men coats collection incorporates pieces that will quickly become quality allies in your daily adventures this season.

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