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Waterproof and warm 3 in 1 jacket for men Made in France in collaboration with Aouro

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Pyrenex men light sport down jacket

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Pyrenex expedition parka for men

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Pyrenex alpinism down jacket for men

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Warm, light and compactable Pyrenex down jacket for men

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Ski version from our emblematic urban jacket, the Authentic Ski for men

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Do you escape to the mountains as soon as winter comes? Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, freeriding or hiking, no matter the temperature outside, enjoy your favourite activity without letting the cold stop you with our Pyrenex jackets.

The right outfit is essential to improve your performance and fully enjoy your hobbies and sports. At Pyrenex we understand these technical needs, which is why our jackets and down coats (100% French goose and duck feather and down) will keep you exceptionally warm while remaining waterproof, breathable and light: no need stack on layers of clothing to avoid freezing. Moreover, the jackets’ durable seams, low closures and stretch materials guarantee a great freedom of movement, essential during outdoor sports.

However, our designers have invested not only in such technical aspects, perfect for sports such as skiing and snowboarding, but also in creating stylish, elegant and modern down jackets and parkas. To complete any mountain or city outfit, choose neutral shades like black, navy or khaki. For a more original touch, opt for a bright blue model and make your Pyrenex jacket the statement piece of your look.

This winter, whether you’re on snowy slopes, in the mountains or in the city, choose a Pyrenex men’s coat to combine style and protection while staying warm and dry in any weather condition.