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Pilote Starbag Baby Bunting Peach

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Pilote Starsleep Baby Sleep Bag Peach

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Plaid Star Plaid Baby Peach

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Pyrenex follows your baby, step by step. Our range of baby winter clothes (0 to 18 months) offers a great choice of products and garments to satisfy your needs and those of your baby boy or girl.

With our baby sleeping bags, jumpsuits, blankets and outdoor rompers, we will keep your little boy or girl will warm and dry, in any weather condition, in winter and the mid-season. Thanks to 160 years of experience, the Pyrenex baby collection features our incomparable 100% French goose or duck feather and down filling. The carefully selected down gives our products an exceptional quality and guarantees softness, warmth and breathability. Our stretch materials will keep your baby comfortable and free to move around.

We know you will enjoy the warmth, durability and quality of our products, but also their clean design. Wrap your baby in a soft, warm cocoon with pastel tones like powder pink, light blue and coral pink.
After his/her 9 months, your baby will be ready to sport brighter outdoor colours like blue or burgundy. Make the most of the winter season, with your baby wrapped up warm from head to toes.