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Pyrenex men short sleeve t-shirt, straight cut, stretch fabric

50,00 €

Pyrenex short sleeve t-shirt for men, straight cut and stretch fabric

60,00 €

Men hooded pullover with Pyrenex logo on chest

160,00 €

Brushed fleece men pullover

110,00 €

Ultralight and warm short down jacket for men made in Saint-Sever

280,00 €

Warm, light and compactable down jacket for men

300,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker with a camouflage print

240,00 €

Pyrenex swim short for men in collaboration with Atalaye Bains de Biarritz

89,00 €

Round neck Pyrenex pullover for men

95,00 €

Pyrenex cap with tricolor logo

45,00 €

Light and stretch straight cut Pyrenex t-shirt for men in collaboration with Atalaye Bains de Biarritz

55,00 €

Men Pyrenex short sleeve polo shirt, straight fit, neat finishing

85,00 €

Pyrenex men short in cotton

76,00 €

Short sleeve Pyrenex t-shirt for men with the 160 year anniversary logo

59,00 €

Pyrenex men bomber jacket

290,00 €

Straight fit men Pyrenex short sleeve polo

80,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker

175,00 €

Pyrenex short sleeve men polo in chiné fabric

85,00 €

Men Pyrenex hoodie in chiné fleece

130,00 €

Pyrenex Men light and stretch T-shirt

45,00 €

Pyrenex men windproof bomber jacket

325,00 €

Pyrenex men jogpant

110,00 €

Pyrenex men ultra-light over-shirt

230,00 €

Pyrenex ultra-light men down jacket Floro.

230,00 €
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Our Spring/Summer collection for men is focusing on lightweight, modernity and comfort. Using ultralight, soft and comfortable fabrics, this collection of down jackets, windbreakers, t-shorts, polos and pullovers for men is all about a fresh and playful approach.

Its outlook sits somewhere between the Pyrenean foothills and the beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Key minimalist pieces to pep up an urban adventurer look are the cornerstone of the Pyrenex Men’s range.

This perpetual quest for lightness and freedom has led us to join forces with Atalaye French label to create a collaboration capsule reflecting both brands’ styles and visions with one-of-a-kind windbreaker, swim short and t-shirt.