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Ultralight and warm short down jacket for women, made in Saint-Sever, natural filling

280,00 €

Pyrenex women windbreaker in waxed taffeta

240,00 €

Lightweight Pyrenex down jacket for women

280,00 €

Sportswear windbreaker for women

260,00 €

Short sleeve Pyrenex t-shirt for women with the 160 year anniversary logo

59,00 €

Women Pyrenex bomber

230,00 €

Pyrenex women ultra light jacket / windbreaker

170,00 €

Long ultralight Pyrenex women parka

260,00 €

Short ultralight Pyrenex women parka

230,00 €

Pyrenex down filled bomber jacket for women

280,00 €
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Pyrenex latest Spring/Summer collection for women takes inspiration from the three main locations in which Pyrenex finds its identity: the mountains, the Atlantic seaside resorts and in the city.

This new clothing live for women gathers pieces designed to be practical and made with sophisticated premium fabrics.

This Spring/Summer range features windbreakers, down jackets and lightweight parkas in a fresh, bold colourway: azure, navy or aqua touches are all present. Off-white, deep mouse grey and cold plant green khaki also feature in the range.