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Short, compactable and light down jacket for boy

190,00 €

Pyrenex down vest for men with removable hood and matte treatment

320,00 €

Warm, light and compactable down jacket for men

300,00 €

Lightweight vintage down vest for men

325,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker with a camouflage print

240,00 €

Pyrenex women windbreaker in waxed taffeta

240,00 €

Pyrenex men down vest

395,00 €

Pyrenex ultra-light short down jacket for women

260,00 €

Pyrenex ultra-light mid-length down coat for women

300,00 €

Pyrenex men light sport down jacket

285,00 €

Pyrenex Spoutnic down vest for women

295,00 €

Women Pyrenex bomber

230,00 €

Pyrenex women ultra light jacket / windbreaker

170,00 €

Long ultralight Pyrenex women parka

260,00 €

Short ultralight Pyrenex women parka

230,00 €

Ultra light and water repellent Pyrenex men windbreaker

175,00 €

Pyrenex men windproof bomber jacket

325,00 €

Pyrenex men ultra-light over-shirt

230,00 €

Pyrenex ultra-light men down jacket Floro.

230,00 €

Ultra-light and reversible Pyrenex men waistcoat / down vest

165,00 €

Pyrenex men long parka

350,00 €

Pyrenex men short technical and waterproof parka

425,00 €

Pyrenex urban bomber jacket for men

240,00 €

Pyrenex down filled bomber jacket for women

280,00 €
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Which jacket to choose for mid-season? When heavy down jackets become too warm or when the weather does not yet allow you to go out without an overcoat, mid-season jackets are an ideal solution to protect you from the bad weather and the vagaries of mid-season, both in spring and autumn.

Our Pyrenex jacket line offers different types of products that meet most of your expectations. Whether you're in town or in the mountains, our ultra-light, thin and packable down jackets are perfect as a first layer under your favourite coat as well as worn on their own when temperatures rise. Sleeveless down jackets complete this range. Coupled with a large sweater, they are perfectly adapted to resolutely low temperatures and remain perfect in milder situations.

To face the wind and light rain, our windbreakers and hybrid jackets offer lightness, wind insulation and breathability during your summer activities.

This range of mid-season jackets and down jackets is available for men, women and children from 8 to 16 years old. The colourful or sober fabrics of this collection will seduce all clothing styles: sporty, casual or rather chic, these mid-season jackets are made for you!