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Pyrenex Lausanne Plus duvet winter 250g/m² in white duck of France

287,00 €

Pyrenex Bayonne winter duvet 360g/m² in new silver duck from France

163,00 €

Pyrenex Calgary duvet winter 250g/m² in new natural down from Pyrenean white ducks

370,00 €

Pyrenex Legend Duvet 200g/m2 Pyrenees white duck natural filling.

543,00 €

Pyrenex Constance warm duvet 250g/m2 white goose down natural filling.

646,00 €

Pyrenex Ainhoa Wellness warm duvet 270g/m2 natural filling with anti-dust mite Greenfirst® treatment.

271,00 €

Pyrenex Aïnhoa warm duvet 270g/m2 natural filling, made in France.

246,00 €
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Dreaming of the perfectly cozy, warm duvet to keep the cold at bay during the long winter nights? At Pyrenex, you will find matchless thermal quality and protection against the cold, thanks to our carefully selected goose and duck feather and down fill.

All our duvets are made in France with top-of-the-range materials and durable finishes, guaranteeing quality sleep and comfort. A 200g/m² (or heavier) duvet will keep you warm even during the coldest winter months, when the sensation of warmth in your bedroom becomes a luxury. The light weight and high fill power of our 100% down filling, combined with precious fabrics, guarantees you unique comfort and softness. We select the best materials and fabrics (cotton, linen, satin, twill and batiste) for our bedding collection. You’ll never forget the warmth and comfort of your first night under a Pyrenex duvet!

Our duvets are machine washable (in a 5kg washing machine) and several models are available with a 100% natural Greenfirst anti-mite treatment! With every Pyrenex duvet purchased we offer you 5 doses of liquid detergent, for 5 separate washes. Liquid detergent is milder than powder detergent, and will preserve your duvet’s exceptional softness. Dry your duvet in the tumble dryer with 2 to 3 dryer balls to keep your French goose and duck down duvet just as bouncy as when you bought it. Finally, to keep the down evenly distributed, turn and shake your duvet regularly.

To help you find the perfect fit for your bed, we make most duvets available in a range of sizes: 140x200cm; 200x200cm; 220x240cm; 240x260cm; 240x280cm and 240x300cm.
This winter, choose the quality of a Pyrenex down filling with the right weight to ensure unparalleled comfort and warmth. Turn your bed and bedroom into your favourite winter spots. Delivery and returns are free anywhere within the European Union.