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Pyrenex Lausanne duvet summer 120g/m² in new white duck from France

252,00 €

Pyrenex Moorea duvet summer 100g/m² twinable in new white goose down from France

325,00 €

Pyrenex Font-Romeu light duvet 100g/m2 natural filling Pyrenean white duck down.

360,00 €

Pyrenex Accous light duvet 80g/m2 natural filling Pyrenean white duck down.

538,00 €

Pyrenex Saint-Lary light duvet 60g/m2 Pyrenean white duck down filling

611,00 €

Pyrenex Papeete Light combinable duvet 80g/m2 natural filling withGreenfirst® anti-dust mite treatment.

173,00 €

Pyrenex Papeete Light combinable duvet 80g/m2 natural filling.

160,00 €

Pyrenex Papeete light combinable duvet 120g/m2 natural filling with Greenfirst® anti-dust mite treatment.

198,00 €

Pyrenex Papeete light combinable duvet 120g/m2 natural filling.

181,00 €
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Summer temperatures and an excessively warm duvet can cause a lot of tossing and turning. The wide range of Pyrenex bedding includes a selection of 80g/m2 to 150g/m2 French-quality summer duvets with exceptional filling. Thanks to 160 years of experience in the processing of feather and down, we offer you products fully made in France with natural goose and duck down filling, carefully selected by us. Our summer duvets guarantee comfort, lightness and breathability even during warm summer nights.

The great thermal performance of each duvet, combined with precious materials, such as satin, cotton, batiste, twill and jacquard, will turn sleep into your favourite activity.
To help you find the perfect product for you, every duvet is available in a range of sizes: 140x200cm; 200x200cm; 220x240cm; 240x260cm; 240x280cm and 240x300cm. We made maintenance easy: your duvet can be washed in the washing machine (5kg capacity), ideally with liquid detergent, which is milder than powder detergent. We recommend drying your duvet in a tumble-dryer with 2 to 3 dryer balls to preserve all its bounce. Finally, shake your duvet regularly to keep the down evenly distributed.

With every natural down duvet purchased (goose or duck filling), we offer you 5 doses of detergent. So what are you waiting for? Payment is 100% secure, delivery and returns are free anywhere within the European Union. It’s time to offer your body the warmth and comfort you need to enjoy a great night’s sleep in your bed.