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Water-repellent Pyrenex hooded windbreaker for men

190,00 €

Light and timeless Pyrenex women windbreaker

240,00 €

Light and water-repellent women windbreaker

200,00 €

Light men windbreaker with foldable hood in collar

220,00 €

Light and long women windbreaker

250,00 €

Ultra-light, water-repellent and breathable Pyrenex kids windbreaker

130,00 €

Girl water-repellent windbreaker

170,00 €

Unisex waterproof windbreaker with hood for kids

175,00 €

Sportswear and vintage women windbreaker

260,00 €

Pyrenex men short technical and waterproof parka

425,00 €
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The windbreaker has become an essential jacket for mid-season, spring or autumn, as well as in summer when temperatures cool down or the wind picks up. Lightweight, water-repellent and foldable, it provides protection against the elements, preventing wind from penetrating, but also repelling the rain.

In order to be effective, the windbreaker must above all be water-repellent and not waterproof. Indeed, a 100% waterproof jacket will not optimize the body's breathability, especially during an effort.

At Pyrenex, windbreakers are extremely light and can be folded up in their storage pockets to accompany you on your farthest journeys. Our range combines a selection of classic, colourful or sober models, in fine, durable and high quality fabrics. With the return of vintage and colourful fashion inspired by the 90s, the windbreaker has once again become a trendy garment that can be found on fashion catwalks, during fashion weeks and of course in our daily lives, in the city as well as in the mountains.

Windcheaters can be easily combined with jeans or chinos for a casual urban look. However, it is in the wilderness, when hiking in the forest or in the mountains, that this jacket is most useful and appreciated.

Available for men, women and children from 8 to 16 years old, our Pyrenex line of windbreakers is the centerpiece of our latest spring-summer 2020 collection.